Stories from the Rainbow Family

The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Pt. 1

on 18/09/2011

Lil’ Sapphire was a child that came into the life of Sapphire and Josiah Anderby. Sapphire, a proud mom of many little babies came home one day to discover a copy of her younger self on the doorstep. Josiah and Sapphire took in the child and raised her like one of their own. It’s not known where she came from, nor how a copy of Sapphire’s younger self could exist, but couple did not mind. They saw a child who needed a home and they took her in.

Lil’ Sapphire grew up along side the girl who would become her best friend. Quatara, who was Sapphire and Josiah’s 25th child was  a quirky girl and the two bonded almost immediately. When the girls had both graduated High School they left the sleepy town of Twinbrook and moved to Sunset Valley. There they attended College and married there sweethearts. Lil’ married Phoenix Vanderbilt, another young man with a large family. It was Phoenix’s dream to become a high ranking politician. Lil’ just wanted a large family like the one she grew up in. Wedding plans were made and invites sent out. With two very large families, it was going to be a very large wedding. Over 500 people in attendance. As a wedding gift to their children, Sapphire and Josiah got together with Anastasia and Ryder Wynfield and bought their children a house over looking the ocean.

A few days before the actual wedding, Lil’ got into her dress and made her way outside.The dress was a bit snug and she decided she needed to crash diet before the wedding so she didn’t have a pudge in her dress. She thought about what her life was going to be like after the wedding. Her College days and single life beside her. She was going to be Mrs. Phoenix Vanderbilt, wife of a future politician.

Her maid of honour, her BFF of course was planning her wedding as well. They had decided on getting married away from their large families, and to have a quiet reception. Lil’ was starting to dread having this large wedding and was silently pondering running off with Phoenix and skipping this whole ordeal.

She decided there was nothing to be done about it now and headed back into the house to assist her mum with more of the table decorations. She felt like their was a million butterflies in her stomach and her mom said it was just pre-wedding jitters.  There was still so much to be done and little time to do it. Lil’ agreed and they got down to work, putting the finishing touches on stuff that needed to get done.  Finally the day of the wedding and every hotel room was booked in the area. The house-which boasted four bedrooms and an in-law suite was full. It was total chaos and people were running around, doing a million things at once. Lil’ was unable to fit into the wedding dress she picked out. Despite the past week few weeks of crash dieting, she was gaining weight. The morning of the ceremony when the dress didn’t close, Lil’ was devastated. Sapphire came in and saved the day, by finding a simple little dress for her daughter to wear. At the end of the chaos came the ceremony, but it was beautiful.

They exchanged their vows and the rings, as the sun set over the ocean. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The mothers of the bride and groom were especially tearful. As the couple shared their first kiss as man and wife, everyone got to their feet and applauded.

Congratulations Lil’ and Phoenix Vanderbilt!

The couple posed for pictures, cut the cake and followed all the  wedding traditions. It was later in the evening that the butterflies that had been fluttering Lil’ all week decided to escape. Lil’ felt miserable, being sick on her wedding night.  First the dress thing-now this. This sucked!

Around the 10th trip to the bathroom, Lil’ was joined by her mother. Lil’ had tears in her eyes and wondered why this was happening to her.

Sapphire took her daughters hand and gave her a small smile. “I don’t think your sick dear.”

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