Stories from the Rainbow Family

The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Pt 2

on 27/09/2011

 Lil’ was having her first baby. At first the thought scared her, but as the months went by she couldn’t wait to meet the life growing inside her. She couldn’t wait to meet the little one who woke her up in the middle of the night, gave her heartburn and kicked her organs and ribs.

She was lying in bed one night cuddling with Phoenix. Phoenix had told his mother and she was delighted to become a grandmother. Sapphire was anxious to meet her newest granddaughter as well.

They came up with names for both a boy and a girl.

“What about Trinity?” Phoenix asked. “Or if it’s a boy Mason.”

“I like the name Serenity” Lil’ replied. “It’s pretty and perfect for a little girl.”

“I like it, it’s very pretty” Phoenix agreed. Lil’ kept her hands on her stomach, rubbing it softly. She wanted to feel the baby kick again. She had taken her mother’s advice and played music for the baby. She would place the headphones on her growing belly and play the classics.

There it was, the kick she was waiting for. She smiled and talked to her belly softly. This baby could be a professional soccer player if they kept kicking like this.

“It kicked me!” Lil’ said with a smile. “They’re really active tonight-wanna feel?”

Phoenix reached over placing his hands on his wifes belly. He gave Lil’ a great big smile and a kiss.  He couldn’t wait to meet his child.

When her due date came and went Lil’ was starting to get anxious. She wasn’t sleeping, she was uncomfortable when she was awake. She just wanted the baby out of her. She called up her mom asking for advice and all she got was the baby would come when they are ready. Yes they still didn’t know the gender, as the baby was playing shy. They decided to paint the babies room a gender neutral colour.

The night before she was going into the hospital to be induced, Lil’ finally went into labour. After 26 hours the Vanderbilt’s had their first baby. A 7lb 3 oz baby girl who they named Adella.

 Adella was the perfect little baby. She had her daddies hair colour and her mothers blue eyes. Everyone loved her and said how perfect she was. Life was perfect for Phoenix and Lil’ and their baby girl. Phoenix was working hard in the political office.  Lil’ was the perfect little housewife who loved to entertain.

Phoenix and Lil’ were discussing the idea of having a second child. Since both came from large families they wanted to have a house full of kids. They weren’t sure if they should wait till Adella was older or try now. Adella was taking her first wobbly steps and her first word wasn’t far behind.

“Any words for mommy Adella” Lil’ asked. Adella responded by baby babble and gave her mom a great big smile.

“Why don’t we go down to the art gallery little one?” Lil’ said. She needed a break from her writing and figured a trip to the art gallery would inspire her. Baby babble again. Lil’ smiled and put Adella into a cute little outfit and grabbed the stroller.

Adella squealed with joy as Lil’ walked up the street. Lil’ loved her walks and loved seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of nature.

The pair spent the day at the art gallery and once they returned home, Adella went down for a nap and Lil’ got to cooking supper. A couple weeks later Adella spoke her first word, much to Lil’ and Phoenix’s delight. Lil’ worked on her children’s novel series and Phoenix rose closer to the top at work. Adella started putting more words together and her wobbly steps became strong and sure. She was potty trained by two-and-a-half which was good because Adella was going to become a big sister very soon.

There was a new baby on the way for Lil’ and Phoenix. A baby girl they found out, who they decided to name Brooke.

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