Stories from the Rainbow Family

The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Pt 3

on 23/10/2011

Baby two was on the way and very soon. Lil’ knew that once the little one arrived she would have her hands full, so she devoted all her time to Adella. Lil’ loved Mom n’ Tots night down at the diner and so did Adella. The local moms got together and had pasta and talked about the joys of being a mother.  The other ladies of the group were all gushing over Lil’ and giving her advice. They even held her a baby shower.

Little Adella didn’t quite understand why her mother was getting all these presents and there was nothing there for her. After being handed a bottle of apple juice and animal crackers, she settled down and went to sleep.

Lil’ was heading home after the shower when she ran into a co-worker of Phoenix’s. He was grabbing a quick coffee before heading back into the office. He was a local politician that was trying to get funding for a new recreation centre and hoped that Phoenix would be on-board for it.  Lil’ told him she’d talk to Phoenix about it later and got into the waiting car.

Not much happened in the next few weeks other than the baby getting ready to come into the world. The room was decorated, the diapers bought and the cupboard stocked with bottles. All that was needed was Little Brooke to show up.

Which would happen about 2am awaking Lil’ from her slumber. She nudged Phoenix awake and they headed for the hospital. Hours later Brooke was born. Brooke had her fathers skin tone. She had beautiful blue eyes and she was 6lbs 4 oz. She was perfect in the eyes of her parents. After a nap, Phoenix brought Adella into visit her new sister. Adella touched and smiled at the new baby.

A few days later Brooke came home.

Life with two toddlers was difficult, but Lil’ loved it. She loved her girls to pieces. Brooke had inherited her moms hair and daddies skin so she was a perfect mix for her parents. Phoenix often said that she looked just like her mummy, which made Lil’ smile. Brooke loved going to the park most of all, so after Phoenix left for work in the morning Lil’ would pack up the kids and head to the park.  Adella loved the spring riders and could ride them all day. Brooke loved the sandbox and had a talent for making sandcastles.

It was at the park where Brooke took her first shaky steps into her mothers arms. Lucky for Lil’ the moment was captured by a local photography student who was there taking nature shots for school. Lil’ and Phoenix could not believe how fast their little girl was growing up. Soon she’d be talking, then dressing herself, heading off to school….

Little Adella was growing up fast, just like her baby sister. She’d be a child soon, so whenever Phoenix had a chance he spent time with his first little princess.She was a daddy’s girl for sure. It was amazing how well Brooke and Adella got along. Which was a good thing for the Lil’ and Phoenix because there was another little one on the way and now Brooke would get her chance to be a big sister.

Lil’ was currently in her second trimester with a little boy. Her third pregnancy seemed to be going well. Lil’ and Phoenix had settled on the name Cameron for him. Although they decided to use the same name just in case the scans proved wrong and it was in fact another girl.

Now while Lil’ was at home doing the mom thing, Phoenix was hard at work moving up the ladder. The plans for the new recreation centre kept getting set back and that kept him busy. He had earned several promotions and was bringing in a nice pay check. Many nannies offered their services to the couple, but Lil’ said no to everyone. She wanted to raise her own kids and had all the help she needed.

Lil’ wondered what her first little girl would be like as a child. She figured every mother worried about these things, especially since Adella would be heading off to school on her own. She called up her mum and asked her if it was normal to be worried, excited and scared at the same time. Sapphire laughed and said it was perfectly normal for her daughter to feel this way. She said Adella was a strong little girl and she’d be fine at school.

Adella was a beautiful child. She loved to play outside, read and paint. She loved her Ballet classes and loved to spend time with her little sister. She made friends easily in school and learned to help with the chores. She was perfect in the eyes of her parents.

Soon Cameron was born and Phoenix got his son. The little 7lb 8 oz little boy was a spitting image of his daddy. Both grandma’s were thrilled.

Adella was the typical carefree child. She loved life and embraced it. She loved to help around the house and she loved her siblings. Being the oldest had some benefits and one of those was quality mummy and daughter time.

Lil’ would take her eldest daughter to the park and have picnics. They also went on shopping trips into the city. Adella loved visiting her grandma and aunts and uncles most of all. She loved having a big family. Her aunt Quatara lived in Sunset Valley too, but she was busy taking care of her own little ones. Quatara had just had her second set of triplets and had her hands full for sure.







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