Stories from the Rainbow Family

The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Pt. 4

on 16/11/2011

Life was bliss for Lil’ and Phoenix. They had a wonderful home, a lovely house and three wonderful children. They were in love and couldn’t be happier. After the birth of Cameron, Phoenix was promoted at work again and would soon be running the place in no time. Grandma Sapphire had come to visit with her grandchildren and spoiled the lot of them.

Phoenix had earned himself another promotion and found himself hard at work. He loved being in politics and being able to work with the people in his community. He also had a growing love for his son Cameron. The little one was just like his daddy in every way.

It wasn’t too long before little Cameron was toddling along. As he grew older he looked much like his mother. Brooke had also grown up and was now attending school full-time with big sister Adella. Both girls took  Ballet after class and liked to play outside.  Phoenix even was there for when Cameron took his first steps. Lil’ and Phoenix decided that they wanted to try again for another baby-maybe another boy.

Mommy and daddy both got their wishes granted. Lil’ became pregnant with baby number four, which they learned was a little girl. They decided on the name Dawn Katrine. Both Adella and Brooke were ecstatic about getting a baby sister. They were already making plans to dress her up and have tea parties.

Possibly jealous of being the only boy in the house, or suffering from terrible twos, Cameron gave his parents a hard time. He was asking for attention and didn’t like to eat his food. The second he felt himself in the high chair he’d scream and cry until he was taken out and carried.

Lil’ did what she could to spend time with him, often taking him for walks along the coast line. Phoenix would be at work, and the girls were at school. The sea air also made Lil’ feel good.  During the walks, Cameron would giggle and babble. He loved to watch the cars speed by and the birds fly across the sky. What he especially loved was sitting down by the pier watching the sailboats and the water crest upon the shore.

One day, after getting back from their daily walk, Lil’ went into labour. She picked up Cameron and called a taxi and headed to the hospital. Phoenix met her there a short while later.

Dawn Katrine was born-she was 7lbs,9 oz and to her parents-she was the most perfect thing in the world. She was a good quiet little baby, who slept through the night unless she was hungry.

There were times, of course that Lil’ and Phoenix needed to be alone. They called it “mommy and daddy” time and sometimes it was a simple as a picnic in the backyard. They could sit outside and name the stars in the sky and act like teenagers all over again. They were in paradise.

Of course sometimes it wasn’t all paradise-which was to be expected. Brooke had managed to excel above her sister in school, both in marks and activities. Brooke even landed the star role in Ballet, which caused some tense moments in the house.

Adella took this hard, since she wanted to be the best at everything. Lil’ and Phoenix decided to enroll her in piano lessons and some art classes. Adella loved both and was on her way to being an amazing artist. She picked up on the piano right away and made her teachers and parents proud.

Little Dawn Katrine got bigger, as all babies do. She looked very much like her big sister Adella. She was a bright little baby, who loved to watch her mom paint. What Dawn loved most was listening to Adella play the piano. She could sit there and giggle and clap as Adella played.

Even Brooke had to admit that Adella was pretty good at the piano.  Brooke loved reading about the arts and imagined seeing herself in the paper one day, the star of the show. She could see herself taking a bow and collecting roses from her prince charming.

Middle age hit Lil’ and she didn’t take it very well. She applied special creams, make-up and tried everything she could think of to maintain her youthful appearance.

She wasn’t quite ready to accept that she was getting old yet. Was it not only yesterday that she had been tanning by the pool with her sister Quatara, talking about shopping and boys?

Reality eventually sunk in and she knew she had to live with the smile lines she had developed over the years.

Cameron had his birthday and was now a child and going to school with his big sisters, which allowed Lil’ to have one-on-one time with Dawn, while Phoenix was at work. Phoenix had been promoted again and was oh-so close to that dream job of running things. He was now mayor of Sunset Valley and soon would be in charge of the area.

Cameron wasn’t the only one getting older, Adella was entering her teen years. Her parents had heard so many “teenager” horror stories, and knew that their baby girl would be dating now and learning how to drive and experimenting with new things. They hoped that they raised her well enough to know right from wrong. 

It had to be said-Adella was a beautiful young woman now. Her parents could not believe how much of a young lady she looked now. It seemed only yesterday they were bringing her home from the hospital as a baby.

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