Stories from the Rainbow Family

The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Pt. 5

on 29/11/2011

It seemed just yesterday that little Adella was born. Now she was a teenager and we had a total of five lovely children. Yes we were lucky enough to add one more bundle of joy to our family. A little boy who we named Ethan James. After Ethan was born, Phoenix and I decided that he would be the last. We were lucky to have happy and healthy children and we both were getting up in age. Today was Ethan’s birthday and he would becoming a toddler.

Little Brooke was getting older too, and soon she’d be a teenager just like her big sister. She was getting excited about becoming a “big girl” like her sister. She wanted to learn how to drive and going shopping. She also wanted to go away to dance camp. She wanted to get into all the clubs, especially the art club. She had dreams of staring in the school musical . I knew she’d make it.

I baked a cake using the freshest organic ingredients. We were eating more healthy as a family now, trying to cut junk food and fatty foods out of out diet. Phoenix was now running the show at work, and commended strong popularity with the people of Sunset Valley and the surrounding areas.

Phoenix hugged Ethan close to him and gave him a big kiss. Phoenix loved all the kids, but I think he liked having two boys. Someone he could toss a ball around the yard with, go to sports events with and generally talk about “guy talk”.

Cameron was loving the fact that he had a little brother as well. He liked having someone he could hang out with and talk to. He loved his sisters, but often felt alone being the only boy. He couldn’t wait until Ethan was older. He’d have someone he could play with.

It was daddy who taught Ethan to walk and talk this time. Phoenix didn’t mind getting up in the wee hours to entertain his son. He loved his family-and don’t go thinking that he didn’t love his daughters as well. He treated them like little princesses.

Dawn the youngest daughter reminded us very much of Adella at that age. Dawn was rarely seen without her doll in tow. She also loved music and could be heard singing to her doll. It was mostly baby babble, but to grown-up ears it was the most adorable thing in the world.

And Adella-well now she was asking for driving lessons. A big part of teen independence is being able to steal mom and dads car so you can drive yourself to the mall. It was a bit further for me to go shopping as a teenager, since Twinbrook was more of a swamp then a bustling city, but I decided I would step up to the task. Phoenix passed on this task, mostly I think because he was a wee bit nervous.

I’ll admit I was a bit nervous myself, but Adella was a safe and responsible driver. She was mindful of speed zones, traffic lights and what was going on outside of the car. I knew she’d pass her road test with flying colours.

A few weeks later Adella did go for her road test and passed. She came bouncing into the living room waving the tiny slip of paper in the air, a large smile on her face.

“Mom….dad I did it! I did it! I can’t wait to tell my friends!” She said and ran upstairs, most likely to tie up the phone line telling all her friends the good news. It did shock us both that she hadn’t asked for her own car yet, but we knew it was only a matter of time.

Junior prom and Adella looked beautiful. She went with a friend from school, Marty Jr. Keaton. I must have taken about a million pictures that night of her and her date. They were of course only going as friends, and nothing more. That night she and Marty won prom court and best dressed. I was ever so proud.

Of course while Adella was off at prom, we hired a sitter for the younger kids. We had our own, short but much needed time together in the backyard. Phoenix made a picnic lunch and we sat under the stars.

“Mrs. Vanderbilt, you look lovely under the stars tonight. I wish I could have been your prom date. I however lucked out and got you as my forever date. That is much better in my opinion.”

That summer after prom, Adella and Marty grew closer and became quite the cutest little couple. They spent warm nights at the cafe or sitting at the beach. They were very much in love.

Brooke loved to hear all of Adella’s stories. She’d be starting High School in the fall, which was only a few weeks away. She was really excited, but wasn’t sure if she’d be in classes with her friends. Making the jump from one classroom to four would be a big change.

We took Brooke to a meet the teacher and student night at the school, allowing her to pick her classes for the year, as well as meet some of her classmates and teachers. Brooke loved it and decided she wanted to take dance and musical theatre.

Brooke’s birthday came about a week before school started. We had two parties-one for us and one for her friends. She loved all her new presents, especially her new dance shoes. She made a wish and blew out the candles on her Ballet Shoe shaped cake.

Welcome to your teenage years Brooke!

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