Stories from the Rainbow Family

The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire-Part 6

on 17/12/2011

The joys of teenagers. Moody, packed full of hormones and temper tantrums. You went from being their best friend to their best friend,to the uncool mom. Brooke decided she didn’t want to eat with the family and was seen calling for take-out food several times a week. While Adella was worried about keeping a slim figure and ate only salad and veggies, Brooke had no problem with fries and pizza. Lucky girl-it never seemed to go to her hips.

When she got to high school, Brooke entered the Drama Club, Art Club and the school choir. She also was the lead dancer of the school dance club. Brooke decided that she needed to eat better if she wanted to keep her slim figure and be an amazing dancer, so finally in her second year of High School she gave up the junk food, and followed her sisters healthy way of eating. This made Phoenix and myself very happy, as we tried to encourage a healthy diet in the house.

Of course as close as Adella and Brooke were, there were moments that they did not get along. As teenage girls, it was expected to happen and the little tuffs they got into were usually about clothes, boys or something juvenile. They would snub each other or bicker, but that was about it. A few days later they were the best of friends again.

With four of the kids in school full-time, it allowed me to get things done at home. Of course the girls were busy with after school activities, such as dance, shop club and choir, so they would come home on the late bus. Adella really didn’t like taking the bus to school, but I didn’t want to be home alone without a car, however on special occasions I did let Adella take the car, and Brooke was right there with her in it when she did.

One of the rules that Phoenix and I liked to enforce was the homework rule. That meant when the kids got home from school or activities they were to do their homework right away. This meant they could help each other out, as well as if they needed help then myself or Phoenix could lend a hand. Upper year math was proving a bit of a pain for Adella, but she pushed through it.

As for my youngest little bundle of joy. He got tons of “mommy” time and was spoiled rotten. He was such a cute little boy and my last baby. He reminded me of my mom so much.  While Cameron had turned out just like his daddy, Ethan was taking from my side of the family. I would miss our days together when he grew up and went to school with his siblings.

Of course, not all days were good. Whenever Ethan got fussy and refused to sleep, a simple walk around the block would put him right out. He was a light sleeper for sure, and awoke at the slightest crack in the floor or shutting of a door. He’d wake up and sit in his crib, screaming for me until I rocked him back to sleep. No one else could get him to sleep-not even   his daddy.

Cameron? He waited for the day he could hang out with his baby brother. Cameron was getting older himself, it was hard to imagine that soon he too would be off to High School. Kids grow up to fast. They really do.

The day before Ethan’s birthday, Cameron sat with Dawn outback bragging how great it was going to be once there was another older boy in the house. They were going to do boy things, like dig up bugs, play sports, have camp outs. You know the usual.

Ethan grew into a handsome child, who loved sports. He tried out for the school teams and got onto every single one. He showed great talent for soccer especially and was made team captain, which he loved.

As for my latest little teenage daughter, she too had fallen under the spell of love. A new family had moved into town, and Brooke had taken a living to a boy named Link. Link had a twin sister, who quickly became Brooke’s best friend. They attended the prom together and their relationship bloomed over the summer.


Before the start of summer, more changes happened to our family. Cameron grew up into a teenager and would be starting High School that fall. He looked like his daddy, handsome and strong.

Ethan got accepted into a special school that would help him become a master athlete. Phoenix and I were back and forth   on sending Ethan away to school, but finally we said yes.

Adella graduated High School and would be off to College that fall. She graduated honours and would be going into a musical arts major.

While I sat and thought about how my babies weren’t babies anymore, it made me kind of sad. My first baby girl, the little one who caused an outfit change was going to College. I had two kids in High school, and two in Primary school that were growing up and becoming their own unique person. Soon I’d just be old. gray and waving my cane at rowdy kids. Getting old sucked!

However-I will admit I was shocked by the news I got that summer from my doctor. It was unexpected to be sure…


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