Stories from the Rainbow Family

The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Part 7

on 06/01/2012

There was talk around town. It was to be expected of course, but the worse things were the looks that people gave us. The  quick second glances, the hushed whispers between the people in town. After Farrah was born, our lives changed quite a bit. At this point in life, people are planning on retirement and looking forward to grandchildren. Our youngest children were about to enter High School. Phoenix and I were bringing home a newborn. Would we live long enough to even raise her? Could we even take care of her as we got older and the kids moved out? Could we handle this?

While we were bringing  home Farrah that warm Summer Night, our eldest daughter was out with the love of her life. Adella became engaged to her long time boyfriend Matt Keaton. My baby girl was truly growing up.

Little Farrah was the most fussiest baby I’d ever seen. She didn’t like to drink from the bottle, she had horrible acid reflux and she refused to sleep more than four hours a day. Big sister Brooke was amazing and would take care of Farrah after school, allowing me to get some sleep.

Adella could not stop gushing over her ring. She loved flipping though the bridal magazines and loved wedding planning. She took Brooke and myself dress shopping to over a dozen stores in search for the perfect dress. I hoped she wasn’t going to turn into a bridezilla. She went and picked out a dress for Dawn as well, who was going to be the flower girl. Ethan was going to be the ring bearer. In her mind, she knew what she wanted and was determined to make it happen.

The ceremony was only days away when things began to become tense, more stressful. I was trying to help Adella as much as I could. Farrah had become a toddler. Brooke was in her senior year of High School, and Dawn was in her last year of Elementary school. All the kids were looking forward to the wedding.

Of course Brooke decided to finally become rebellious prior to the wedding and dyed her hair an off-putting shade of rainbow colours. We told her she looked like a clown, but she really didn’t care. With nothing we could really do about it, and Adella insisting that she still be the maid of honour, we had to let her go to the wedding as is.

The wedding was beautiful. The reception was perfect. Adella had never looked more beautiful than on her wedding day.  The next morning the happy couple was off on their honeymoon.

Time marches on, as it always does. Dawn graduated top of her class and entered High School. Brooke graduated from High School as was voted valedictorian of her class and had top marks, despite her new “bad girl” attitude.

We decided to bring Ethan home from boarding school so that he could attend school with his family. As well, we missed him when he was away. Felt good having him home again.

Adella and Matt didn’t waste anytime working on their own family. Adella was soon seen sporting a baby bump and she was glowing with the news.  I was going to be a grandma!

Our little one was growing up too. As a toddler, she was easier to deal with and looked just like her daddy, in his younger years anyway. Phoenix was still working, running the city. We were both getting older and starting to feel our age. Wasn’t easy chasing after a toddler. Lucky we had such great kids willing to help.

Dawn and Cameron were both headed off to homecoming and looking so grown up.

Brooke made almost daily visits to Adella, she loved seeing her big sister and couldn’t wait to start her own family. Her boyfriend hadn’t popped the question yet, and Brooke waited everyday for him to do so.  Adella gave birth to a beautiful baby boy a short time later and Brooke decided to take things into her own hands.

By proposing to her boyfriend-who of course said yes.

That night Brooke came home, engaged and over the moon. She was surprised to see her sister Dawn, sitting out on the patio dressed to the nines. Dawn had a sad expression on her face. When Brooke asked her what was wrong, Dawn replied that she had been up to a party with some rich, snotty kids and they treated her like garbage.

Brooke explained to her that it didn’t matter what they thought. Dad was a politicianand had to try and please everyone. Okay yes we weren’t “rich” but we were pretty well off.  The kids grew up with heads on their shoulders, knowing they had to work for what they have. We didn’t believe in handing things over to the kids, and that made them more mature.

The girls talked all night and eventually Dawn felt better. She was a smart girl and I know she’d do well in life. Brooke and Dawn starting working on wedding plans and talked well into the morning hours.

A new day was awaking and it would soon become Brooke’s story…

From this point on, it will be Generation 2 and told from Brooke’s point of view. There are 7 babies born, with 93 left to go. How many children will Brooke have in her lifetime. Will Adella have any more? Will Dawn have children and will Cameron and Ethan become daddies once they’re adults?

Gen 1: Lil’ Sapphire-6 (4 girls, 2 boys)

Gen 2: Adella-1 (1 boy)


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