Stories from the Rainbow Family

The Journey of Brooke-Chapter One

Some people think all girls start planning their dream wedding as soon as they get their first crush. They dream about the dress, all the flowers, the venue and of course the handsome man that they’ll be standing at the alter with. I wasn’t one of those girls. I didn’t really dream about weddings until I met Link. He was the most handsome and gentle person I have ever met. He was sweet and noble and my prince. I loved planning my wedding with my mom and my sisters. I loved dress shopping. I found my perfect dress-it was elegant and perfect. I loved being pampered and having my hair and make-up done. On that day, I truly felt like a princess.

The morning of the wedding, I headed out to watch the view across the bay. I’d come across a similar picture of mum on her wedding day, and decided to get one done just the same. I could feel butterflies dancing in my stomach. In a few hours I would be married.  It was a night wedding, just like mum. In a few hours I would become Mrs. Link Vanderbilt. Everything was perfect.

I was ready to walk down the isle.

Link and I shared our vows under the stars, as our family and friends looked on.  I looked deep into the eyes of the man I truly loved and began to imagine our life together. He was the most perfect man I had ever met. I noticed some tears forming in his eyes as I walked up the isle. We exchanged rings and were declared man and wife. The best part was when Link was told to kiss his new wife.

Our first kiss as husband and wife. It wouldn’t be the last-we were going to be together forever. I love you Link Vanderbilt.

After the ceremony we had pictures taken. I think this was one of my favourites. The reception was beautiful and after everyone went home, Link and I retreated to the apartment above the garage, where we spent our first night as a married couple together.  It was going to become our space. Privacy away from the rest of the house.

Time went by after the wedding and it turns out Adella was expecting again.  Farrah became a child,and the first girl to look just like dad. Farrah loved dance and playing at the playground. It was hard on her being the youngest, but she adapted well. She often found herself spoiled rotten by mom and dad.

As for Link and I, we were expecting our first bundle of joy. I went to visit Cameron, who had moved in with his High School crush. I loved having a life inside me, it gave me a certain glow and I loved it. Link was going to be a wonderful daddy, he was already spoiling me. He didn’t want me to lift a finger. He was working hard to become a police officer.

This was the love of Cameron’s life-don’t remember her name at the moment, but I had a feeling she might become my sister in law. The two of them were very much in love, and were rarely seen apart.

With the baby due anytime, Farrah started to worry that she wouldn’t be considered the “baby” anymore. I explained to her that she was still the baby, and that mom and dad loved her so much. The new baby would be her niece, and with the new baby she was going to be an auntie again. That seemed to cheer her up.

The next oldest kids-Dawn and Ethan were excited to become aunt and uncles again. They had other things on their minds though-mom and dads health mostly. Mom and dad were both getting older, and they weren’t in the best of health. Dad still worked, refusing to retire, while mom stayed at home with me. She was excited about becoming a grandma again.

My little baby was born-we named her Grace Eva. She was perfect in every way. Not long after Grace was born, Adella had her second son.

She was my little angel-she was truly mine.

I was ready to be the best mom in the world. To wipe away her tears, to help her take her first steps. I wanted to be there when she started school, met her first crush.  I wanted to be there for the bad times, when she learns that sometimes a crush is a crush,for when she needs a shoulder to cry on,for someone just to listen. I wanted to be there for every moment in her life.

When they say they grow up so fast-they really do. Grace became a toddler and she was adorable as ever. It wouldn’t be too long before she was fully walking, talking and using the potty like a big girl.

Not long after Grace’s birthday, we lost daddy.  It was heart-breaking,especially for Dawn who was there when Grim came  to take daddy away.

Mom was devastated-daddy was the love of her life. And now he was gone.

That night, for the first time since she got married, mom slept alone.

We had the funeral for dad a few days later.It was chaotic as everyone wanted to show their respect. Daddy had done great things for the town and people loved him.He worked hard into his elder years, to make Sunset Valley the perfect place to live. No one could really believe that daddy was gone.

We tried our best to play calm and cater to the guests. My mother in law showed up, showing her support.It was really great to see her, since we hadn’t since the wedding.

During the funeral, we also played old tapes of daddy. I think it helped us remember how great he really was. He may have been gone, but he would never be forgotten. I love you daddy.

Following the funeral, mom took me aside and told me she needed me to sign some papers. They would make me legal guardian of my siblings. She said that she regretted not being able to see Farrah grow up, but she said she said that she was committed to spending more time with her now. She said that daddy died a happy man, who loved all six of his kids. That he may have not seen Farrah grow up into a young woman, but he got to have her as a toddler and grow into a child and that was just fine.

Adella was a frequent visitor since daddy died. She brought her sons over to play with the kids while she was at work. She had taken a job at the police station as a civilian aide. She loved being able to give back to the community.


Dawn grew up into a lovely young woman,who wanted to go into business. She decided to move in with Cameron and his girlfriend. That just left Ethan and Farrah at home.

Farrah was doing rather well in dance and loved showing off. She also was loving being the centre of moms attention and in a short while, became very spoiled.

Maybe it was a good thing that Farrah spent as much time as she did with mom. Just shortly after Dawn moved out, mom passed away.

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