Stories from the Rainbow Family

The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Part 7

There was talk around town. It was to be expected of course, but the worse things were the looks that people gave us. The  quick second glances, the hushed whispers between the people in town. After Farrah was born, our lives changed quite a bit. At this point in life, people are planning on retirement and looking forward to grandchildren. Our youngest children were about to enter High School. Phoenix and I were bringing home a newborn. Would we live long enough to even raise her? Could we even take care of her as we got older and the kids moved out? Could we handle this?

While we were bringing  home Farrah that warm Summer Night, our eldest daughter was out with the love of her life. Adella became engaged to her long time boyfriend Matt Keaton. My baby girl was truly growing up.

Little Farrah was the most fussiest baby I’d ever seen. She didn’t like to drink from the bottle, she had horrible acid reflux and she refused to sleep more than four hours a day. Big sister Brooke was amazing and would take care of Farrah after school, allowing me to get some sleep.

Adella could not stop gushing over her ring. She loved flipping though the bridal magazines and loved wedding planning. She took Brooke and myself dress shopping to over a dozen stores in search for the perfect dress. I hoped she wasn’t going to turn into a bridezilla. She went and picked out a dress for Dawn as well, who was going to be the flower girl. Ethan was going to be the ring bearer. In her mind, she knew what she wanted and was determined to make it happen.

The ceremony was only days away when things began to become tense, more stressful. I was trying to help Adella as much as I could. Farrah had become a toddler. Brooke was in her senior year of High School, and Dawn was in her last year of Elementary school. All the kids were looking forward to the wedding.

Of course Brooke decided to finally become rebellious prior to the wedding and dyed her hair an off-putting shade of rainbow colours. We told her she looked like a clown, but she really didn’t care. With nothing we could really do about it, and Adella insisting that she still be the maid of honour, we had to let her go to the wedding as is.

The wedding was beautiful. The reception was perfect. Adella had never looked more beautiful than on her wedding day.  The next morning the happy couple was off on their honeymoon.

Time marches on, as it always does. Dawn graduated top of her class and entered High School. Brooke graduated from High School as was voted valedictorian of her class and had top marks, despite her new “bad girl” attitude.

We decided to bring Ethan home from boarding school so that he could attend school with his family. As well, we missed him when he was away. Felt good having him home again.

Adella and Matt didn’t waste anytime working on their own family. Adella was soon seen sporting a baby bump and she was glowing with the news.  I was going to be a grandma!

Our little one was growing up too. As a toddler, she was easier to deal with and looked just like her daddy, in his younger years anyway. Phoenix was still working, running the city. We were both getting older and starting to feel our age. Wasn’t easy chasing after a toddler. Lucky we had such great kids willing to help.

Dawn and Cameron were both headed off to homecoming and looking so grown up.

Brooke made almost daily visits to Adella, she loved seeing her big sister and couldn’t wait to start her own family. Her boyfriend hadn’t popped the question yet, and Brooke waited everyday for him to do so.  Adella gave birth to a beautiful baby boy a short time later and Brooke decided to take things into her own hands.

By proposing to her boyfriend-who of course said yes.

That night Brooke came home, engaged and over the moon. She was surprised to see her sister Dawn, sitting out on the patio dressed to the nines. Dawn had a sad expression on her face. When Brooke asked her what was wrong, Dawn replied that she had been up to a party with some rich, snotty kids and they treated her like garbage.

Brooke explained to her that it didn’t matter what they thought. Dad was a politicianand had to try and please everyone. Okay yes we weren’t “rich” but we were pretty well off.  The kids grew up with heads on their shoulders, knowing they had to work for what they have. We didn’t believe in handing things over to the kids, and that made them more mature.

The girls talked all night and eventually Dawn felt better. She was a smart girl and I know she’d do well in life. Brooke and Dawn starting working on wedding plans and talked well into the morning hours.

A new day was awaking and it would soon become Brooke’s story…

From this point on, it will be Generation 2 and told from Brooke’s point of view. There are 7 babies born, with 93 left to go. How many children will Brooke have in her lifetime. Will Adella have any more? Will Dawn have children and will Cameron and Ethan become daddies once they’re adults?

Gen 1: Lil’ Sapphire-6 (4 girls, 2 boys)

Gen 2: Adella-1 (1 boy)

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The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire-Part 6

The joys of teenagers. Moody, packed full of hormones and temper tantrums. You went from being their best friend to their best friend,to the uncool mom. Brooke decided she didn’t want to eat with the family and was seen calling for take-out food several times a week. While Adella was worried about keeping a slim figure and ate only salad and veggies, Brooke had no problem with fries and pizza. Lucky girl-it never seemed to go to her hips.

When she got to high school, Brooke entered the Drama Club, Art Club and the school choir. She also was the lead dancer of the school dance club. Brooke decided that she needed to eat better if she wanted to keep her slim figure and be an amazing dancer, so finally in her second year of High School she gave up the junk food, and followed her sisters healthy way of eating. This made Phoenix and myself very happy, as we tried to encourage a healthy diet in the house.

Of course as close as Adella and Brooke were, there were moments that they did not get along. As teenage girls, it was expected to happen and the little tuffs they got into were usually about clothes, boys or something juvenile. They would snub each other or bicker, but that was about it. A few days later they were the best of friends again.

With four of the kids in school full-time, it allowed me to get things done at home. Of course the girls were busy with after school activities, such as dance, shop club and choir, so they would come home on the late bus. Adella really didn’t like taking the bus to school, but I didn’t want to be home alone without a car, however on special occasions I did let Adella take the car, and Brooke was right there with her in it when she did.

One of the rules that Phoenix and I liked to enforce was the homework rule. That meant when the kids got home from school or activities they were to do their homework right away. This meant they could help each other out, as well as if they needed help then myself or Phoenix could lend a hand. Upper year math was proving a bit of a pain for Adella, but she pushed through it.

As for my youngest little bundle of joy. He got tons of “mommy” time and was spoiled rotten. He was such a cute little boy and my last baby. He reminded me of my mom so much.  While Cameron had turned out just like his daddy, Ethan was taking from my side of the family. I would miss our days together when he grew up and went to school with his siblings.

Of course, not all days were good. Whenever Ethan got fussy and refused to sleep, a simple walk around the block would put him right out. He was a light sleeper for sure, and awoke at the slightest crack in the floor or shutting of a door. He’d wake up and sit in his crib, screaming for me until I rocked him back to sleep. No one else could get him to sleep-not even   his daddy.

Cameron? He waited for the day he could hang out with his baby brother. Cameron was getting older himself, it was hard to imagine that soon he too would be off to High School. Kids grow up to fast. They really do.

The day before Ethan’s birthday, Cameron sat with Dawn outback bragging how great it was going to be once there was another older boy in the house. They were going to do boy things, like dig up bugs, play sports, have camp outs. You know the usual.

Ethan grew into a handsome child, who loved sports. He tried out for the school teams and got onto every single one. He showed great talent for soccer especially and was made team captain, which he loved.

As for my latest little teenage daughter, she too had fallen under the spell of love. A new family had moved into town, and Brooke had taken a living to a boy named Link. Link had a twin sister, who quickly became Brooke’s best friend. They attended the prom together and their relationship bloomed over the summer.


Before the start of summer, more changes happened to our family. Cameron grew up into a teenager and would be starting High School that fall. He looked like his daddy, handsome and strong.

Ethan got accepted into a special school that would help him become a master athlete. Phoenix and I were back and forth   on sending Ethan away to school, but finally we said yes.

Adella graduated High School and would be off to College that fall. She graduated honours and would be going into a musical arts major.

While I sat and thought about how my babies weren’t babies anymore, it made me kind of sad. My first baby girl, the little one who caused an outfit change was going to College. I had two kids in High school, and two in Primary school that were growing up and becoming their own unique person. Soon I’d just be old. gray and waving my cane at rowdy kids. Getting old sucked!

However-I will admit I was shocked by the news I got that summer from my doctor. It was unexpected to be sure…

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The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Pt. 5

It seemed just yesterday that little Adella was born. Now she was a teenager and we had a total of five lovely children. Yes we were lucky enough to add one more bundle of joy to our family. A little boy who we named Ethan James. After Ethan was born, Phoenix and I decided that he would be the last. We were lucky to have happy and healthy children and we both were getting up in age. Today was Ethan’s birthday and he would becoming a toddler.

Little Brooke was getting older too, and soon she’d be a teenager just like her big sister. She was getting excited about becoming a “big girl” like her sister. She wanted to learn how to drive and going shopping. She also wanted to go away to dance camp. She wanted to get into all the clubs, especially the art club. She had dreams of staring in the school musical . I knew she’d make it.

I baked a cake using the freshest organic ingredients. We were eating more healthy as a family now, trying to cut junk food and fatty foods out of out diet. Phoenix was now running the show at work, and commended strong popularity with the people of Sunset Valley and the surrounding areas.

Phoenix hugged Ethan close to him and gave him a big kiss. Phoenix loved all the kids, but I think he liked having two boys. Someone he could toss a ball around the yard with, go to sports events with and generally talk about “guy talk”.

Cameron was loving the fact that he had a little brother as well. He liked having someone he could hang out with and talk to. He loved his sisters, but often felt alone being the only boy. He couldn’t wait until Ethan was older. He’d have someone he could play with.

It was daddy who taught Ethan to walk and talk this time. Phoenix didn’t mind getting up in the wee hours to entertain his son. He loved his family-and don’t go thinking that he didn’t love his daughters as well. He treated them like little princesses.

Dawn the youngest daughter reminded us very much of Adella at that age. Dawn was rarely seen without her doll in tow. She also loved music and could be heard singing to her doll. It was mostly baby babble, but to grown-up ears it was the most adorable thing in the world.

And Adella-well now she was asking for driving lessons. A big part of teen independence is being able to steal mom and dads car so you can drive yourself to the mall. It was a bit further for me to go shopping as a teenager, since Twinbrook was more of a swamp then a bustling city, but I decided I would step up to the task. Phoenix passed on this task, mostly I think because he was a wee bit nervous.

I’ll admit I was a bit nervous myself, but Adella was a safe and responsible driver. She was mindful of speed zones, traffic lights and what was going on outside of the car. I knew she’d pass her road test with flying colours.

A few weeks later Adella did go for her road test and passed. She came bouncing into the living room waving the tiny slip of paper in the air, a large smile on her face.

“Mom….dad I did it! I did it! I can’t wait to tell my friends!” She said and ran upstairs, most likely to tie up the phone line telling all her friends the good news. It did shock us both that she hadn’t asked for her own car yet, but we knew it was only a matter of time.

Junior prom and Adella looked beautiful. She went with a friend from school, Marty Jr. Keaton. I must have taken about a million pictures that night of her and her date. They were of course only going as friends, and nothing more. That night she and Marty won prom court and best dressed. I was ever so proud.

Of course while Adella was off at prom, we hired a sitter for the younger kids. We had our own, short but much needed time together in the backyard. Phoenix made a picnic lunch and we sat under the stars.

“Mrs. Vanderbilt, you look lovely under the stars tonight. I wish I could have been your prom date. I however lucked out and got you as my forever date. That is much better in my opinion.”

That summer after prom, Adella and Marty grew closer and became quite the cutest little couple. They spent warm nights at the cafe or sitting at the beach. They were very much in love.

Brooke loved to hear all of Adella’s stories. She’d be starting High School in the fall, which was only a few weeks away. She was really excited, but wasn’t sure if she’d be in classes with her friends. Making the jump from one classroom to four would be a big change.

We took Brooke to a meet the teacher and student night at the school, allowing her to pick her classes for the year, as well as meet some of her classmates and teachers. Brooke loved it and decided she wanted to take dance and musical theatre.

Brooke’s birthday came about a week before school started. We had two parties-one for us and one for her friends. She loved all her new presents, especially her new dance shoes. She made a wish and blew out the candles on her Ballet Shoe shaped cake.

Welcome to your teenage years Brooke!

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The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Pt. 4

Life was bliss for Lil’ and Phoenix. They had a wonderful home, a lovely house and three wonderful children. They were in love and couldn’t be happier. After the birth of Cameron, Phoenix was promoted at work again and would soon be running the place in no time. Grandma Sapphire had come to visit with her grandchildren and spoiled the lot of them.

Phoenix had earned himself another promotion and found himself hard at work. He loved being in politics and being able to work with the people in his community. He also had a growing love for his son Cameron. The little one was just like his daddy in every way.

It wasn’t too long before little Cameron was toddling along. As he grew older he looked much like his mother. Brooke had also grown up and was now attending school full-time with big sister Adella. Both girls took  Ballet after class and liked to play outside.  Phoenix even was there for when Cameron took his first steps. Lil’ and Phoenix decided that they wanted to try again for another baby-maybe another boy.

Mommy and daddy both got their wishes granted. Lil’ became pregnant with baby number four, which they learned was a little girl. They decided on the name Dawn Katrine. Both Adella and Brooke were ecstatic about getting a baby sister. They were already making plans to dress her up and have tea parties.

Possibly jealous of being the only boy in the house, or suffering from terrible twos, Cameron gave his parents a hard time. He was asking for attention and didn’t like to eat his food. The second he felt himself in the high chair he’d scream and cry until he was taken out and carried.

Lil’ did what she could to spend time with him, often taking him for walks along the coast line. Phoenix would be at work, and the girls were at school. The sea air also made Lil’ feel good.  During the walks, Cameron would giggle and babble. He loved to watch the cars speed by and the birds fly across the sky. What he especially loved was sitting down by the pier watching the sailboats and the water crest upon the shore.

One day, after getting back from their daily walk, Lil’ went into labour. She picked up Cameron and called a taxi and headed to the hospital. Phoenix met her there a short while later.

Dawn Katrine was born-she was 7lbs,9 oz and to her parents-she was the most perfect thing in the world. She was a good quiet little baby, who slept through the night unless she was hungry.

There were times, of course that Lil’ and Phoenix needed to be alone. They called it “mommy and daddy” time and sometimes it was a simple as a picnic in the backyard. They could sit outside and name the stars in the sky and act like teenagers all over again. They were in paradise.

Of course sometimes it wasn’t all paradise-which was to be expected. Brooke had managed to excel above her sister in school, both in marks and activities. Brooke even landed the star role in Ballet, which caused some tense moments in the house.

Adella took this hard, since she wanted to be the best at everything. Lil’ and Phoenix decided to enroll her in piano lessons and some art classes. Adella loved both and was on her way to being an amazing artist. She picked up on the piano right away and made her teachers and parents proud.

Little Dawn Katrine got bigger, as all babies do. She looked very much like her big sister Adella. She was a bright little baby, who loved to watch her mom paint. What Dawn loved most was listening to Adella play the piano. She could sit there and giggle and clap as Adella played.

Even Brooke had to admit that Adella was pretty good at the piano.  Brooke loved reading about the arts and imagined seeing herself in the paper one day, the star of the show. She could see herself taking a bow and collecting roses from her prince charming.

Middle age hit Lil’ and she didn’t take it very well. She applied special creams, make-up and tried everything she could think of to maintain her youthful appearance.

She wasn’t quite ready to accept that she was getting old yet. Was it not only yesterday that she had been tanning by the pool with her sister Quatara, talking about shopping and boys?

Reality eventually sunk in and she knew she had to live with the smile lines she had developed over the years.

Cameron had his birthday and was now a child and going to school with his big sisters, which allowed Lil’ to have one-on-one time with Dawn, while Phoenix was at work. Phoenix had been promoted again and was oh-so close to that dream job of running things. He was now mayor of Sunset Valley and soon would be in charge of the area.

Cameron wasn’t the only one getting older, Adella was entering her teen years. Her parents had heard so many “teenager” horror stories, and knew that their baby girl would be dating now and learning how to drive and experimenting with new things. They hoped that they raised her well enough to know right from wrong. 

It had to be said-Adella was a beautiful young woman now. Her parents could not believe how much of a young lady she looked now. It seemed only yesterday they were bringing her home from the hospital as a baby.

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The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Pt 3

Baby two was on the way and very soon. Lil’ knew that once the little one arrived she would have her hands full, so she devoted all her time to Adella. Lil’ loved Mom n’ Tots night down at the diner and so did Adella. The local moms got together and had pasta and talked about the joys of being a mother.  The other ladies of the group were all gushing over Lil’ and giving her advice. They even held her a baby shower.

Little Adella didn’t quite understand why her mother was getting all these presents and there was nothing there for her. After being handed a bottle of apple juice and animal crackers, she settled down and went to sleep.

Lil’ was heading home after the shower when she ran into a co-worker of Phoenix’s. He was grabbing a quick coffee before heading back into the office. He was a local politician that was trying to get funding for a new recreation centre and hoped that Phoenix would be on-board for it.  Lil’ told him she’d talk to Phoenix about it later and got into the waiting car.

Not much happened in the next few weeks other than the baby getting ready to come into the world. The room was decorated, the diapers bought and the cupboard stocked with bottles. All that was needed was Little Brooke to show up.

Which would happen about 2am awaking Lil’ from her slumber. She nudged Phoenix awake and they headed for the hospital. Hours later Brooke was born. Brooke had her fathers skin tone. She had beautiful blue eyes and she was 6lbs 4 oz. She was perfect in the eyes of her parents. After a nap, Phoenix brought Adella into visit her new sister. Adella touched and smiled at the new baby.

A few days later Brooke came home.

Life with two toddlers was difficult, but Lil’ loved it. She loved her girls to pieces. Brooke had inherited her moms hair and daddies skin so she was a perfect mix for her parents. Phoenix often said that she looked just like her mummy, which made Lil’ smile. Brooke loved going to the park most of all, so after Phoenix left for work in the morning Lil’ would pack up the kids and head to the park.  Adella loved the spring riders and could ride them all day. Brooke loved the sandbox and had a talent for making sandcastles.

It was at the park where Brooke took her first shaky steps into her mothers arms. Lucky for Lil’ the moment was captured by a local photography student who was there taking nature shots for school. Lil’ and Phoenix could not believe how fast their little girl was growing up. Soon she’d be talking, then dressing herself, heading off to school….

Little Adella was growing up fast, just like her baby sister. She’d be a child soon, so whenever Phoenix had a chance he spent time with his first little princess.She was a daddy’s girl for sure. It was amazing how well Brooke and Adella got along. Which was a good thing for the Lil’ and Phoenix because there was another little one on the way and now Brooke would get her chance to be a big sister.

Lil’ was currently in her second trimester with a little boy. Her third pregnancy seemed to be going well. Lil’ and Phoenix had settled on the name Cameron for him. Although they decided to use the same name just in case the scans proved wrong and it was in fact another girl.

Now while Lil’ was at home doing the mom thing, Phoenix was hard at work moving up the ladder. The plans for the new recreation centre kept getting set back and that kept him busy. He had earned several promotions and was bringing in a nice pay check. Many nannies offered their services to the couple, but Lil’ said no to everyone. She wanted to raise her own kids and had all the help she needed.

Lil’ wondered what her first little girl would be like as a child. She figured every mother worried about these things, especially since Adella would be heading off to school on her own. She called up her mum and asked her if it was normal to be worried, excited and scared at the same time. Sapphire laughed and said it was perfectly normal for her daughter to feel this way. She said Adella was a strong little girl and she’d be fine at school.

Adella was a beautiful child. She loved to play outside, read and paint. She loved her Ballet classes and loved to spend time with her little sister. She made friends easily in school and learned to help with the chores. She was perfect in the eyes of her parents.

Soon Cameron was born and Phoenix got his son. The little 7lb 8 oz little boy was a spitting image of his daddy. Both grandma’s were thrilled.

Adella was the typical carefree child. She loved life and embraced it. She loved to help around the house and she loved her siblings. Being the oldest had some benefits and one of those was quality mummy and daughter time.

Lil’ would take her eldest daughter to the park and have picnics. They also went on shopping trips into the city. Adella loved visiting her grandma and aunts and uncles most of all. She loved having a big family. Her aunt Quatara lived in Sunset Valley too, but she was busy taking care of her own little ones. Quatara had just had her second set of triplets and had her hands full for sure.






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The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Pt 2

 Lil’ was having her first baby. At first the thought scared her, but as the months went by she couldn’t wait to meet the life growing inside her. She couldn’t wait to meet the little one who woke her up in the middle of the night, gave her heartburn and kicked her organs and ribs.

She was lying in bed one night cuddling with Phoenix. Phoenix had told his mother and she was delighted to become a grandmother. Sapphire was anxious to meet her newest granddaughter as well.

They came up with names for both a boy and a girl.

“What about Trinity?” Phoenix asked. “Or if it’s a boy Mason.”

“I like the name Serenity” Lil’ replied. “It’s pretty and perfect for a little girl.”

“I like it, it’s very pretty” Phoenix agreed. Lil’ kept her hands on her stomach, rubbing it softly. She wanted to feel the baby kick again. She had taken her mother’s advice and played music for the baby. She would place the headphones on her growing belly and play the classics.

There it was, the kick she was waiting for. She smiled and talked to her belly softly. This baby could be a professional soccer player if they kept kicking like this.

“It kicked me!” Lil’ said with a smile. “They’re really active tonight-wanna feel?”

Phoenix reached over placing his hands on his wifes belly. He gave Lil’ a great big smile and a kiss.  He couldn’t wait to meet his child.

When her due date came and went Lil’ was starting to get anxious. She wasn’t sleeping, she was uncomfortable when she was awake. She just wanted the baby out of her. She called up her mom asking for advice and all she got was the baby would come when they are ready. Yes they still didn’t know the gender, as the baby was playing shy. They decided to paint the babies room a gender neutral colour.

The night before she was going into the hospital to be induced, Lil’ finally went into labour. After 26 hours the Vanderbilt’s had their first baby. A 7lb 3 oz baby girl who they named Adella.

 Adella was the perfect little baby. She had her daddies hair colour and her mothers blue eyes. Everyone loved her and said how perfect she was. Life was perfect for Phoenix and Lil’ and their baby girl. Phoenix was working hard in the political office.  Lil’ was the perfect little housewife who loved to entertain.

Phoenix and Lil’ were discussing the idea of having a second child. Since both came from large families they wanted to have a house full of kids. They weren’t sure if they should wait till Adella was older or try now. Adella was taking her first wobbly steps and her first word wasn’t far behind.

“Any words for mommy Adella” Lil’ asked. Adella responded by baby babble and gave her mom a great big smile.

“Why don’t we go down to the art gallery little one?” Lil’ said. She needed a break from her writing and figured a trip to the art gallery would inspire her. Baby babble again. Lil’ smiled and put Adella into a cute little outfit and grabbed the stroller.

Adella squealed with joy as Lil’ walked up the street. Lil’ loved her walks and loved seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of nature.

The pair spent the day at the art gallery and once they returned home, Adella went down for a nap and Lil’ got to cooking supper. A couple weeks later Adella spoke her first word, much to Lil’ and Phoenix’s delight. Lil’ worked on her children’s novel series and Phoenix rose closer to the top at work. Adella started putting more words together and her wobbly steps became strong and sure. She was potty trained by two-and-a-half which was good because Adella was going to become a big sister very soon.

There was a new baby on the way for Lil’ and Phoenix. A baby girl they found out, who they decided to name Brooke.

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The Life and Times of Lil’ Sapphire Pt. 1

Lil’ Sapphire was a child that came into the life of Sapphire and Josiah Anderby. Sapphire, a proud mom of many little babies came home one day to discover a copy of her younger self on the doorstep. Josiah and Sapphire took in the child and raised her like one of their own. It’s not known where she came from, nor how a copy of Sapphire’s younger self could exist, but couple did not mind. They saw a child who needed a home and they took her in.

Lil’ Sapphire grew up along side the girl who would become her best friend. Quatara, who was Sapphire and Josiah’s 25th child was  a quirky girl and the two bonded almost immediately. When the girls had both graduated High School they left the sleepy town of Twinbrook and moved to Sunset Valley. There they attended College and married there sweethearts. Lil’ married Phoenix Vanderbilt, another young man with a large family. It was Phoenix’s dream to become a high ranking politician. Lil’ just wanted a large family like the one she grew up in. Wedding plans were made and invites sent out. With two very large families, it was going to be a very large wedding. Over 500 people in attendance. As a wedding gift to their children, Sapphire and Josiah got together with Anastasia and Ryder Wynfield and bought their children a house over looking the ocean.

A few days before the actual wedding, Lil’ got into her dress and made her way outside.The dress was a bit snug and she decided she needed to crash diet before the wedding so she didn’t have a pudge in her dress. She thought about what her life was going to be like after the wedding. Her College days and single life beside her. She was going to be Mrs. Phoenix Vanderbilt, wife of a future politician.

Her maid of honour, her BFF of course was planning her wedding as well. They had decided on getting married away from their large families, and to have a quiet reception. Lil’ was starting to dread having this large wedding and was silently pondering running off with Phoenix and skipping this whole ordeal.

She decided there was nothing to be done about it now and headed back into the house to assist her mum with more of the table decorations. She felt like their was a million butterflies in her stomach and her mom said it was just pre-wedding jitters.  There was still so much to be done and little time to do it. Lil’ agreed and they got down to work, putting the finishing touches on stuff that needed to get done.  Finally the day of the wedding and every hotel room was booked in the area. The house-which boasted four bedrooms and an in-law suite was full. It was total chaos and people were running around, doing a million things at once. Lil’ was unable to fit into the wedding dress she picked out. Despite the past week few weeks of crash dieting, she was gaining weight. The morning of the ceremony when the dress didn’t close, Lil’ was devastated. Sapphire came in and saved the day, by finding a simple little dress for her daughter to wear. At the end of the chaos came the ceremony, but it was beautiful.

They exchanged their vows and the rings, as the sun set over the ocean. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The mothers of the bride and groom were especially tearful. As the couple shared their first kiss as man and wife, everyone got to their feet and applauded.

Congratulations Lil’ and Phoenix Vanderbilt!

The couple posed for pictures, cut the cake and followed all the  wedding traditions. It was later in the evening that the butterflies that had been fluttering Lil’ all week decided to escape. Lil’ felt miserable, being sick on her wedding night.  First the dress thing-now this. This sucked!

Around the 10th trip to the bathroom, Lil’ was joined by her mother. Lil’ had tears in her eyes and wondered why this was happening to her.

Sapphire took her daughters hand and gave her a small smile. “I don’t think your sick dear.”

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